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EF-Scale Training

Welcome to the site of the EF-scale course. There are some changes since the EF-Scale training has been started in 2007. The EFkit has been improved to include more pictures and an easier interface for those using tablet PCs. The new Efkit features a front page with links to the training modules and a glossary of construction terms found in the EF-Scale Damage Indicator descriptions. Two new case studies have been added as separate lessons.

As always, any NWS employee new to the EF-Scale and wishing to participate in surveys using the EF-scale should take two lessons available on the LMS and linked below. The first lesson describes how the EF-scale was designed while the second lesson takes you through cases where you get to make the call. In order to complete each lesson, take the quiz and a short survey.

Accompanying the lessons, the EFkit is available for use in training or in the field. It is a tool to help you become more familiar with the EF-scale as you take the lessons and as you conduct a real survey.

Note to NWS Staff:

To receive credit for completing the EF-Scale Training, you must take the two training modules through the DoC E-learning LMS! The links below are for reference only.

Training resources

  1. Lesson 1: Introducing the Enhanced Fujita Scale - online
  2. Lesson 2 Damage Surveys with the Enhanced Fujita Scale - online
  3. The new EFkit: A PC-based tool kit, version 2 updated 2008- 120 mb zipped file
    The legacy EFkit, version 1.1 - 8 mb zipped file.

WCM orientation resources

  1. EF-Scale orientation powerpoint (8mb)

Additional resources

  1. The EF-scale page at SPC - http://www.spc.noaa.gov/efscale/
  2. The EF-scale report by McDonald and Mehta: http://www.wind.ttu.edu/EFScale.pdf
  3. The Guide to F-Scale Damage Assessment:
    also at http://meted.ucar.edu/resource/wcm/ftp/FinalNWSF-scaleAssessmentGuide.pdf
  4. The WCM resource center at UCAR: http://meted.ucar.edu/resource/wcm/


WDTD thanks the following for helping to develop the EF-Scale training:

  1. Steve Kuhl, MIC, NWS, Quad Cities, IA/IL
  2. Brian Smith, WCM, NWS, Valley, NE
  3. Dan McCarthy, WCM, NWS/SPC
  4. Kishor Mehta, Paul Whitfield Horn Professor, Texas Tech University
  5. Jim McDonald, Professor emeritus, Texas Tech University
  6. Greg Stumpf, NWS/MDL
  7. Tim Marshall, HAAG Engineering
  8. Michael Smith, NWS/OCWWS
  9. Chris Maier, National WCM for the NWS
  10. Don Burgess, OU/CIMMS
  11. External Reviewers: Tom Matheson (WCM - NWS MTR), Rick Smith (WCM - NWS OUN), Gary Woodall (WCM - NWS FTW), Steve Amburn (SOO - NWS TUL)


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