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CWSU-ATC Training Library


WDTB has created a library of aviation weather training modules from which NWS Center Weather Service Unit (CWSU) meteorologists can deliver classroom lecture-style training targeted to FAA air traffic controllers.  Each CWSU should coordinate with their local Air Route Traffic Control Center’s (ARTCC’s) training department to determine their weather training needs.  Then, the CWSU can select the appropriate module(s) from the library to deliver the requested training.  This “Chinese menu” approach allows training to be customized by region, season, need, etc.


This instructional design addresses these goals:

  1. Provides FAA air traffic controllers with operationally required
    aviation weather training
  2. Provides FAA air traffic controllers with information on NWS
    Center Weather Service Unit (CWSU) capabilities and services
  3. Improves lines of communications between FAA Air Route Traffic
    Control Center (ARTCC) staff and NWS CWSU Meteorologists
  4. Provides training quickly using a very cost effective design

Basic Presentation Skills Training

WDTB recommends that every CWSU meteorologist complete the “Basic Presentation Skills” series available on the National Weather Service’s Learning Management System (LMS), particularly the “Delivering a Presentation” module:

  • Basic Presentation Skills: Planning a Presentation (1 hr)
  • Basic Presentation Skills: Creating a Presentation (1 hr)
  • Basic Presentation Skills: Delivering a Presentation (1 hr)

Step-by-step instructions on how to access LMS courses are also available.

Content Libraries

  1. Hazardous Weather - Winter (October 2011)
  2. Hazardous Weather - Summer (February 2012)
  3. Fundamentals of Weather (July 2012)
  4. METAR/SPECI and PIREPs (October 2012)
  5. Aviation Weather Forecast and Advisories (May 2013)
  6. WSR-88D Weather Radar (Expected Release: TBD)
  7. Weather Satellite (Expected Release: TBD)

Additional Information

To learn more about this initiative, please review "Center Weather Service Unit Training Guide for Air Traffic Controllers (FY12-FY14)".

Contact Us

WDTB welcomes your feedback related to how this training content met your needs. If you have questions or comments about these lessons, please e-mail:

Bobby Prentice's E-mail Address

or contact us in NWSChat (chat room: wdtbchat).


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