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Dual-Polarization Radar Principles and System Operations
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Dual-Polarization Radar Operations Course for RFC Hydrologists
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ORDA Build 7.0 Training

RPG Build
RPG Build 12.3 Training
RPG Build 12.0 Training
RDA/RPG Build 11.0 Training
RDA/RPG Build 10.0 Training
RDA/RPG Build 9.0 Training
ORDA/RPG Build 8.0 Training
Operational Impacts of Software Note 26 - Change in Layered Products
RPG Build Training Main Page
Ghost Echoes

AWIPS Builds
AWIPS Operational Build 9.0
AWIPS Operational Build 8.3
AWIPS Operational Build 8.2
AWIPS Operational Build 7.2
AWIPS Operational Build 7.1
AWIPS Operational Build 5 - TDWR

TDWR Builds

SPG Build 3 Training

WSR-88D Clutter Suppression and Its Impact on Meteorological Data Interpretation
An Introduction to WSR-88D Clutter Suppression, and Some Tips for Effective Suppression Utilization
An Operational Guide to WSR-88D Reflectivity Data Quality Assurance


Other Training and Research
Advanced Storm-Based Warning Training
Analysis of Tornado Damage on May 3rd, 1999 Using Remote Sensing and GIS Methods on High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
Cognitive Task Analysis of the Warning Forecaster
Dual-Polarimetric WES Primer
Effective Meeting Management
Evaluating Warning Verification Statistics and Methodologies for Displaced Real-Time (DRT) Scenarios
Flash Flood Warning Best Practices Course
Hall/White County Tornado Tutorial
Index of Independent Training Modules and Research
Integrated Warning Team Training
Learning from History: Warning Decision Making Implications from Significant Events
Mesocyclone Characteristics of Mini Supercells Tornadoes
Recognizing High Impact Hydro Events
Salt Lake City Tornado Tutorial
Severe Convection Forecasting & Warning Professional Development Series (PDS)
Spotter Report Data Quality: Data Sources, Possible Errors, and Mitigation Ideas
Storm-Based Warning Training
Tornado Warning Guidance
Understanding WSR-88D Signatures for the 3 May 1999 Oklahoma City Tornado
VCP Training
Warning Decision Making Process During the 3 May 1999 Tornado Outbreak


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